About The Rots

In June 2006, I drew my first twisted little Rotty character dude. Not the greatest (take a look at Rodney, over there to the left), but with a little tweaking, the characters matured and grew into the oddity I named The Rots.

I've been drawing new Rots and leaving them in restaurants and bars and posting the drawings on my blog. A Rots Web site has worked itself out, and the name "The Rots" is now certified as a registered trademark. Rotty newsletters hit inboxes four times a year (you can sign up here). The Rots have even had their own gallery show. And to top off everything, The Rots have a Facebook page where fans are catching on quickly.

Next? Oh, I don't know. Probably depends on how things go. I've got some stuff for sale and I'd like to expand on that some more. And getting some of these little guys licensed would be great. Right now though, I'm working on putting another show together with all kinds of Rotty animals (like Jeeraffe, over there to the right). I'll keep news of that kind on The Rots blog and on their home page.