Sunday, February 27, 2011

Uh. Oh. I guess I'm not as original as I thought.

While I was online this morning, I did a little surfing around the gallery on the Montana Skatepark Association site from On Deck V (last year's), and I got an unexpected punch in the gut. One of the decks from last year was painted and doodled similarly to what I had planned on doing on mine.


This one isn't happening.
I sort of had to take a step back to square one, but not so much. I had an idea of what I wanted to do from the beginning, but then got sidetracked when I saw my sketchbook page with all the doodles. I get sidetracked easily. I could still use that very first idea as a backup, even though I hadn't done any sketches for it.

So I went back to the studio this afternoon, sanded the wood fill down from yesterday, and started coating the board with gesso. While the first coat was drying, I played with some new color mixtures for a background. When I first thought about this idea, I couldn't see it with any other background other than purple. Not sure why. I don't really use purple, but there you go.

The new mixtures are a combination of Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin CrimsonPayne's Gray (which is bluer and grayer than the swatch in the link shows), Utrecht Unbleached Titanium (different than Liquitex) and Titanium White.

I'll be painting the little guy on
the bottom left, with a replacement
foot from the sketch to the right.
While the second coat of gesso was drying I started playing with some sketches of that original idea. At first I was going to do the skeleton version (on the upper right), but I played around with the little guy on the bottom left, and now have decided to use him for my final painting.

Three coats of gesso, and
it's ready to paint.
One more coat of gesso, and I'm as far as I can go until it's dry.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

On Deck skateboard progress report

I was invited to participate in On Deck VI, a charity auction for the Montana Skateboard Association.

The organization sends out rejected skateboards to artists around the country (and even Canada) to do with as we please. We'll have a month to finish our ideas and get the boards back to Montana where images of the boards will be uploaded and the auction process will begin. On May 6, and for two weeks after, the boards will be viewed (in person) at The Brink Gallery. And then on Saturday, May 21, they'll be auctioned off live, with the proceeds going toward building and maintaining free, public skateparks across Montana.

I'm honored and excited to say the least.

FedEx dropped off my board today, and I was psyched to get started. So I did.

(I'll be painting the back.)
The first thing I had to do was get this puppy sanded. Boring, sorry. It took about an hour to get the thin finish on the board removed.

The next thing was filling in some holes. Since the boards won't be used for skateboarding anymore, some of the holes won't be necessary. I'm using the existing holes on the opposite end for the hanging hardware, so those holes won't get filled in.

While the wood filler was drying, I tested out a combination of paint and markers to see what would look best. I'm settling on gesso first, then a base coat of Liquitex Unbleached Titanium and sponging a combination of Cerulean Blue, Unbleached Titanium and Titanium White. Once that dries, I'll use Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens to draw an all-over doodle design, something like this:

I'm not doing a sketch for this one; I'm just drawing whatever comes to mind and whatever wants to fit in the area I'm working on. That's the way I drew the doodle above, and it seemed to work out pretty well.

I Rotted Our Studio

You might have to click on the image to see it biggie-sized. (I was trying to be subtle.)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Camul may be on his last leg

I had a marathon painting session this afternoon (O.K., it was only a few hours), and Camul may (may) be finished. Except for the varnish, of course. I'll look at him again after I haven't for a while, and I'll post him post varnish.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Free Valentines for all you procrastinators

It's February 12. You do know that Valentine's Day is Monday, right? And you've already bought the card, right? And mailed it so it can get to where it's going on time, right?


Yeah. I didn't think so.

O.K. Fine.

I've uploaded some free Valentines for you to download and print. Here are four choices to pick from, all 4¼" wide x 5½" tall:

Download (313 KB)
Download (296 KB)
Download (243 KB)
Download (260 KB)

I've tested them, so they should be O.K., but if you have any problems with the download, just let me know.

As far as delivery goes, you're on your own. You'll probably have to hand deliver it now. Sorry about all that "face-to-face" stuff, but I can't do everything for you.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Another day of painting Camul

This should give a better idea of the direction the painting is headed (compared to the underpainting post). The underpainted background is overpainted (is that a word?), and now the sky is blue/purple and the sand is yellow/tan. Hopefully it makes more sense now.

I noticed as I was painting that I'm not all that satisfied with how I gessoed the board. I think I laid the gesso on too thick, and all that prickly texture that I had in my other animal rots paintings isn't there. So the underpainting doesn't show through as much as I would have liked and the way I would have liked.

Here's a close-up of the sky in Jeeraffe (on the left) compared with a close-up of the sky in Camul. The gesso texture is definitely thicker than I want it.
I hope the end result still works because it's too late to do anything about it now short of starting over. And I won't be doing that.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Camul painting in progress

The progression of Camul: Report #1

I decided to scan Camul in as I go, and I'm trying to line up the images into one file in Photoshop so I'll be able to put an animation together of the progress. I'll post that animation here when he's finished.

This first image is just the original sketch transferred to the birch wood where I'll be doing the final painting.

Not much to see here.
Just move along.

This second image probably looks a little odd, but it's just at the underpainting stage. If I gessoed the board the way I hope I did (and I'm hoping I did), there will be enough texture so when I start painting subsequent layers, parts of this underpainting will still be visible in the valleys of the gesso texture. At least, that's the plan.

When I decide to use an underpainting, I try to underpaint the complimentary color of what the final color of the area will be, as in, the final sky will be purple with a yellow underpainting, and the final sand will be yellow with a purple underpainting.

In this case, the two colors I'm using for the final painting (purple and yellow) are also complimentary colors to each other. I'm a little worried it might get boring with too much of a lack of color, so I might have to interject colors that really shouldn't be there. I'll deal with that dilemma when it happens.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

iPhone cases on sale

I've discounted both Valentine's Day iPhone cases in The Rots' store through Valentine's Day.

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Both cases are the grungy, handwriting design.

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